Friday, July 26, 2013

LITOKO PUZZLE 009, 010, 011, & 012

Litoko is a number-placement-comparison puzzle. It is closely related to Casse Magique Diabolique, Number Place, Sudoku, Lohiko or any other type of puzzles in which number placement is the main tactic of the game. But in this puzzle, after you enter all the needed numbers in the diagram through trial-error comparison stratagem you will be able to form a word below. 
                                                     How to play...  
Fill in the enclosed diagram with digits in such a way that each digit will be used once in every vertical and horizontal row. The given digits that you will use are based on the size of the diagram surrounded by letters. Furthermore, you will use addition in entering various numbers in the cells of the diagram. The mini-circle between two adjacent cells in vertical way or horizontal way is the sum of two numbers in those cells.  Circled numbers in the cells of the diagram must be consecutive without specific arrangement, not included the numbers in mini-circle.  Each circled number is aligned with four letters in vertical-upward, vertical-downward, horizontal-forward and horizontal-backward, and one of those letters is the indicative of that number. Use the letters that are signifying the circled numbers in forming a word below.      






By quoting LITOKO for review or article to your website, publication or blog, you agree to give full credit to the author for designing the diagram and creating the rules of the said puzzle. Do not copy the ideas that I have developed on the said puzzle,  rename it, and claim it as your own creation. As far as I'm aware of, I'm the first to publish the said puzzle. Free LITOKO for personal use only